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Moving up in the world

Some of you read my personal LJ and already know about it, but for those of you who don't, well, it's a good thing amber_kay and I created this community for delivery drivers of any kind, not just couriers like us. Because, well, I'm not a courier anymore.

I'd been getting so few hours from my courier job for so long that I had to pick up a second job just to stay in debt. Landed a day and what was supposed to be a morning, but turned out to be a crappy overnight, with the local newspaper, delivering bundles to stores and restocking paper boxes with the Sunday edition overnight. Good steady income, and the two jobs together usually added up to around 30 hours a week. Sad, huh? Plus I almost entirely lost my weekends due to the overnight and switching schedules and such. Not to mention losing sleep. Kinda sucked, but at least I wasn't running out of money anymore.

After a month at the paper, I got a call on a resume I'd sent out before the paper even called me. Yeah, that long. Actually, I got a call before this one for a temp job doing computer stuff, but I couldn't justify giving up the relative security of my current arrangement for a temp job. This was for a driving job. I explained my current situation, but this other job was for full time - with benefits. I wasn't actively seeking, but decided it would be smart to pursue this. One thing led to another, and I'm now working for them. :)

Left the other two jobs, and I'm now working for the Portland, ME branch of a national electrical supply store. I'm driving a 22' box truck, biggest thing I can drive without a commercial license, delivering this stuff to contractors and such. That's what I mean when I say moving up in the world. I literally sit higher in this truck than my car's roof!

It looks like I'm going to mainly do the southern (relative to Portland) route the guy I'm replacing had been doing. Kind of ironic, because I already know most of the places in the northern route, since that's the area I live in. But the boss is big on having me and the remaining driver switch routes regularly, so that both of us know both areas. Makes sense. I'd prefer the northern route, because I know the area better, and because I can probably arrange to stop at home for lunch. :) But whatever works.

I just started my second week there, and spent my first day on the road all by myself. This is quite unusual, apparently - normally they do a lot more training before throwing you out on your own - but the guy I replaced started in the retail part of the store today, so we didn't really have much choice. Fortunately, I got comfortable with the truck pretty quick - quirky 5-speed and all - and when my boss asked me for an honest answer this morning as to whether I feel comfortable enough to go out on my own, I could honestly answer that I was more concerned with figuring out where I was going than handling the truck. And I was right - no worries with the truck today, but I got a little discombobulated along the route a couple of times since I've only seen it twice, and I'm not that familiar with southern Maine. Guess I'll be getting more familiar with it real quick. :)

Hmm, I need to make a new LJ icon for the new work truck... I don't take this one home, by the way, so I actually have to commute in my own car - my 20 year old rusty Toyota MR2. Great car, but it's not going to last with a 45 minute commute each way. I'm probably about to buy an old racing buddy's Saturn SL2. Modified, of course, so it won't be totally boring... ;)
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