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White & Nerdy

Work smarter, not harder

Now that I'm back on the road again, I'll actually have some interesting tales from the road to tell. :)

Tuesday, it was raining. It had been raining all night. Many of the places I deliver electrical supplies to are construction sites. While I have not yet had a need for a 4 (6?) wheel drive box truck, things did get a little mucky at times.

One of these times was where I drop a shipment at a conex (container box) a water bottling plant. It's in a nicely packed down dirt area. Unfortunately, it's so well packed that when it rains, the water doesn't soak in. So no matter how I did it, there was about 40 feet of puddle between me and the conex. And I had a good deal of stuff to leave in there. I didn't bring a rowboat, so it was going to be a miserable series of trips back and forth.

So I thought about this. If the dirt was packed that well, it meant the truck wouldn't sink into it. I've gotten pretty good at backing up without really being able to see behind me that well. And all our trucks have a powered liftgate in back.

I maneuvered the truck into position, and backed it most of the way up to the conex, stopping about 3 feet away from it. Trudged to the back (some trudging through puddles had to happen regardless), unfolded the liftgate, raised it to floor level. I rolled the big heavy reel of wire onto it, and staged the remaining boxes and such far enough inside to not get soaked while waiting outside. I lowered the liftgate, not to the ground, but about halfway between truck level and the floor of the conex. I could now use it as a step to go directly from the truck to inside the conex without glomping my way through the mud! Even better, I was able to roll the spool of wire off the liftgate and into the conex without dropping it in the water, or having to lift it myself. >:)
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