Candice (girl_next_dork) wrote in driventodeliver,

Oh, the irony.

When there's an idiotic protest through a high-traffic area during, say, rush hour, shouldn't occupational drivers have some sort of counter-offensive? Say, an association that issues press releases on how bad the traffic impact was, or denouncing the minions of evil? It just makes me so angry. To further one cause, a group of people will single-handedly cripple another group's ability to even function. Yes, yes, that's the point. To get noticed, to be heard. But if I've got fucking bone marrow in my backseat, that's another story. You've no right to hinder me. Get out of my way.

No matter the cause, no matter the circumstances of my delivery – if I'm stuck in a detour from a protest blockade, I get turned off to it immediately. I won't support them.

Now for a lighter story.

A while ago, I was dragging along on my typical morning run, except the freeway was crawling at a much more agonizing pace than usual. I watched several tow trucks roll up the shoulder, looking for stalled vehicles. Nothing. It had to be a pure rubbernecker's delay. I wondered what was going on. Finally, I came within view of an overpass, and the source of the distraction.

Standing on the overpass were people holding election banners that read "SAY 'NO' TO TRAFFIC CONGESTION! VOTE [CANDIDATE] FOR METRO DISTRICT 4!".

I can't wait to see those election results.
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