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Robbery? Or Crazy Lady?

(Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Also, some language behind the cut.)

Last Tuesday I decided to cut through a new subdivision on my way from a delivery in the barracks area to a delivery in the housing area on post. Since it was a slow day, I was taking my time and going right at the speed limit, which for that area is 15mph.

Two days before, the General Manager had told me about another driver getting robbed via gun to the head at the sister store that also delivers on post.

So I'm taking my time cruising through the winding neighborhood in second gear and barely touching the gas while scanning for children. As I am doing all this, I'm also idly thinking about if I'll have time to go and get 'Aeon Flux' before going home to see 'The Unit' on TV that night.

Rounding a corner, I see down the street a ways a young girl about 12 years old on a lime green bicycle standing still on the sidewalk on the right side of the road facing away from me. I'm thinking, "Keep an eye on her, most likely won't be a problem." At the same time, she turns around in her seat, looks at me, and then starts pointing at me frantically and yelling.

"What... the... hell. Who is she yelling at?" I wondered. I glanced down at the speedometer to confirm that I was not speeding. I was going 16mph and eased off the gas a hair. She is still jabbing her finger at me and yelling to someone on my right up a ways as I get closer. I glanced to the right, and see a tall husky woman with a large chest and long black hair held in a pony tail by a cap at the door to one of the town homes looking at my direction.

"O... K..."

All of a sudden, she bolts from the door running flat out towards the road perpendicular to my line of travel. As she is running, she has an angry face and is either staring at my truck or off to my left... I quickly glanced at the road and the surrounding area up ahead to make sure that there is no child or object in the road. I resisted the urge to look back to the left at what she may or may not be looking at.

"What is going on?" I eased up on the gas as it seems she is going to run in front of me. She slows down a bit but is still running towards my path.

In a split second the thought, "She's going to stop me by running in front so that someone could get at me from the left" flashed across my mind. I eased my speed up a bit and start steering to the left a bit to arc around her. "I think I can get around her, she's not that stupid is she..."

As my hood and front finders get past her, she is running hard at my door with no indication of stopping, I step on it. I'm watching her as her right hand goes up and back... She brings that hand down hard and fast as she is charging my truck and swats the bed of the truck! The impact was so loud and hard that I actually felt it!

"WHAT THE FUCK?!?!" I glanced in the rear-view mirror and she is she is sitting in the road with her back towards me. I don't see anyone else. "The Bitch just attacked my truck!"

I briefly considered stopping. But then that would mean me getting out of the truck and I still had no idea what was going on, it could still be a possible attack on me. "I'm outta here; if she broke her own fucking hand, that's her own damn fault."

I sped up, got out of that neighborhood and onto the next neighborhood to my delivery. After I got done with that delivery, I walked around to the right side of my truck. There is a DENT in the top edge of the bed of the truck just ahead of the rear wheel well. Not only that, there is a distinct hand print in the dent that slid down and away towards the rear. (I hadn't washed the truck in 6 months.)

"What the hell was that all about?" I wondered as I scratched my head.

On the way back to the store via a different route, I decided to tell the GM about this and thought about making a report to the Military Police.

When I get back to the store, I told the GM about this while two of the Assistant Managers listened.
The GM then said, "If the MPs call, I don't know what the hell they are talking about."
The AM, 'Walter', asked, "Where was this?"
I said, "It was on 'D' street between 'here' and 'here'."
AM 'June' interjects, "Was it a guy?"
"No, it was a lady." I replied.
AM 'Walter' smiled and then informed me, "There is a guy who lives in that area who likes to run in front of cars to make them stop or slow down."
'June' sighs, "He likes to beat on people's cars and yell at them to slow down because of the children. It could have been his wife."
"But, I wasn't speeding."
AM 'Walter' laughs, "He tried to run in front of me, but I stepped on it, and he got out of my way. I stopped past him and flipped him off and then squealed my tires, left marks and got out of there."
'June' then rolls her eyes, and then suggested, "You should go to the MPs."
I shrugged, "It is just another minor dent. One more is not going to hurt the truck."

Apparently, this couple likes to run in front of peoples cars to make them stop or slow down in that neighborhood. They are stupid morons in my opinion. Let me restate: I was not speeding. There was no reason to be doing that to me. At the time, I thought that it was a possible carjack/ robbery. The next time this happens, and hopefully I'll have a cell phone by this weekend, I'm calling the MPs and I'll sue them for damage.
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