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I got a job as a dispatcher

I love reading these stories of couriers, it is so thrilling hearing about driving. So I felt like I sort of had a clue about what goes on at a Currier company. And maybe that's why when I heard about a dispatcher job, I jumped on the opportunity. So I'm working as a dispatcher and a call capture at a local messenger company in Seattle. I don't think that my posts won't be as interesting as you guys, but I'll give it a shot.

Here's what my Friday was like. Is it just me or do Fridays seam a little busy?

I feel like I lost it. Usually I'm up beat, I'm energetic. and I don't feel down. This morning was fine, I was answering the phones to take down the customer's info. After lunch, I was at peak performance. My reading off the numbers didn't go smoothly. I stumbled through reading off the list, so the bikers want happy. They would ask me to give pick up to someone else and I would hear that number. I would have to ask for 10-9 quite a bit, to have them repeat them selves. I was getting like 10 jobs needing to be dispatched, and the bikes were meeting to swap packages, then calling me to move that around on the computer. Plus they need to use their pagers to clear out the job seek! I heard the phone ring at my boss's desk, and figured that when he answered the phone as the lead bikers name that I was soon going to be pulled off. And I was. The other dispatcher, who's moving on-that's why I was hired, replaced me. Yea, ok.

I guess I don't need to think that I'm not doing a good job. It's my first week. Plus one of the bikers is out this week on vacation. I'm listening in on what the new dispatcher is saying and he sounds busy. Now he's telling me not to worry about. But I feel bad that I was not able to do it prefect today.

Then the phone was ringing, and it wasn't one of our normal company's. It was some lady who wanted to talk to someone who's name I couldn't find on the list. I can't transfer anyone! I fucked up and the phone hung up on her. So she called back, fortunately I wasn't the one who answered the phone. But she did mention to the guy that she was hung up on the last time that she called in. Then the guy that she was transferred to asked to have a word with one of my other bosses.

Later I learn that I got the name of one street confused with one not at the top of the hill. Boston and Boylston. I feel awful. Have the weekend to recover.
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