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Didn't feel a thing

I'm back on the northern route this month. There was a huge influx of orders after the July 4th break, and with the usual complete lack of planning they gave me too much to deliver on Wednesday. This leads to a wonderful domino effect where places begin closing before I can make their deliveries, so I have to try again the next day, with all of that day's stuff, too, resulting in me being still overloaded. But I caught up on everything Thursday, and Friday was a relatively short day for me - which, on this route, means I actually get to take a lunck break and go home on time.

So there I was, heading north on 295, after looping around the perimeter of Portland so I can take an exit that will literally dump me next to the warehouse. Of course, being Friday afternoon, there's heavy traffic from all the vacationers from out of state. Very heavy stop and go traffic heading north, far worse than usual. Fortunately, I'm in #2 (the truck in the userpic), which has good air conditioning and an automatic transmission. I don't mind shifting my own gears, except in stop and go traffic.

Cruising at 10-15mph, suddenly the van in front of me stops short. I nail the brakes and stop short of hitting him, though I think I heard the empty pallets in the back shift forward. Then we start moving again.

That's when I noticed a Lexus with a potato-chipped hood pull up next to me, and the driver very politely waves for me to pull over.

When I stopped short, she didn't. That wasn't a pallet shift I heard - it was the Lexus running into the power liftgate on the back of the truck!

She was very, very cool about the whole thing. Nobody hurt. You can see the condition of her car. The truck was completely undamaged. Not even a scratch. While waiting for the cop to do his thing, I lowered and raised the liftgate to check it out, and it still works perfectly. The Lexus got towed. The liftgate sits higher than her bumper, so she ran into me with her hood instead. Fortunately for her, the damage looks pretty much superficial - hood, lights, radiator support, but that's about it.

After a while, once the backed up traffic was past us, it started moving smoothly again. In fact, the only reason traffic was slowing down was because of the stupid rubberneckers. (Though on the plus side, the bottleneck this created meant that once I headed home from work, there was very little traffic continuing northbound... >:) )

No issues at the office. Of course there's lots of paperwork to fill out and people to talk to and such, but I'm working through the red tape as best I can. As far as I'm concerned, it's a no-fault accident. I'm sure the insurance will declare it her fault, since she hit me, and argue that she should've left more room between us. While theoretically true, in practice if she allowed that kind of room, someone merging onto the highway would've cut her off, slipped between us, and left even less room than she'd left me.
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