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Ok, I haven't posted in awhile due to being quite busy with both my 'main job' and my 'pizza delivery job'.

I am trying to see if I can get off work at Domino's to go and visit Mom, my sister and the boys for Easter. I have not seen them since Christmas Day. A quarter of a year... I haven't asked for a day off from Domino's since the middle of January.

I got screwed over at the pizza place by an A-hole of an assistant manager who couldn’t find his ass if he was looking at it.
Let’s see if I can get this down in a clear manner. Delivery drivers typically dispatch their own deliveries that they are taking out on the computer as they load up.
For example: If I see that order #101 & #103 is ready to go, I dispatch them to myself as I load them into the heat bags. At the end of the day, I give the store the money for orders #101 & #103 and keep the rest.
Well, the assistant manager was worried about his out-the-door times and went ahead and dispatched me and the other driver (who is new) before we got back to the store. He then got confused on what he dispatched us on. He dispatched me on #101 & #103 and her on #102 & #104. He told me to take #101 & #102 and told her to take #103 & #104. The two orders that got swapped were #102 & #103. #102 was a credit card order and #103 was a cash order. He clocked her out about 3 hours before I got clocked out. Apparently, while she was being clocked out, they could not find the credit card slip for order #102 that she was clocked out on, so he just voided that order. Then three hours later, I was being clocked out and had the credit card slip for #102 with a $4.00 tip on it. It had already been voided earlier and so that customer got a free pizza and I lost that $4.00 tip. But wait! It gets worse!
After a 13 hour day, I was not thinking properly. I was dispatched out on order #103 which was a cash order. So I had to pay for an order that I did not deliver. I did not catch this until after I left the store, threw away my driver slips when I got gas, and after I was in the shower. I estimate that I lost around $20.00 out of my tips because I had to pay for a delivery that she took. She gained about an extra $20.00 that night.
I called the General Manager that night to see if I could get that fixed. Unfortunately, because I threw away my drivers slips, there was no way to tell what order it was that I paid for.
All together, I got screwed out of about $24.00 that night.

We have some very slow and apparently stupid drivers. Last Sunday, I was supposed to get off at 8:00pm. I did not get off until 11:30pm and still had to do laundry and get ready for work at my 'main job' the next morning.
Two drivers somehow managed to dispatch four deliveries between them that were NOT EVEN IN THE OVEN! They were WAITING ON THE DISPATCHED ORDERS while the orders that were ready to go were cooling on the heat rack. Those orders that were already on the heat rack were going late. Those two drivers got yelled at big time by the boss. Unfortunately, I had to work late to help get the store caught up because of their screw-ups.
I asked the boss what would she do without me? She said that she'd probably kill somebody if I wasn't the best driver and there to help fix their mess.

I've had so many deliveries with the wrong addresses on them this past weekend that it wasn't even funny.

What else can I ramble about?

Oh, the Domino's boss will be gone on vacation for the whole week this week. That’s generally when All Hell breaks loose... Two newly-trained-wet-behind-the-ears-assistant-managers will be in charge during this time. So maybe I’d better say that ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE THIS WEEK!

I go in tonight.

(Ta Ta For Now!)
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