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Robbery? Or Crazy Lady? Part II

Remember my tale: "Robbery? Or Crazy Lady?" that I posted last week Thursday? Well, here's the follow-up to that tale.

I went ahead and filed a report with the MPs last week Thursday on this incident that happened last week Tuesday. It only took me two hours! The MPs were puzzled by her behavior as well and were impressed with how detailed my report was!

When I went in to work on Friday, I told both Assistant Managers and the General Manager that I filed a report.

(Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Also, some language behind the cut.)


Sunday, I was chatting with the Assistant Manager 'Walter' when he told me more details...

Walter: "Hey williamb1718, those crazy people on 'D' street on base will be gone soon."
Me: "Oh, do tell."
Walter: "They did it to 'Mike' a third time this past Friday and he called the MPs right there. He got fed-up with that shit, and after he heard about you filing a report, decided to call the MPs and told them that this wasn't the first time and that they were harassing other drivers as well."
Me: "Heh. Who else did they bother?"
Walter: "Well, apparently they got stupid and also harassed 'Andrew' who lives just two houses down. They did it to him and he pulled rank on them. The guy claimed that he was an MP and that everyone had better slow the fuck down because of the children. Well 'Andrew' demanded the guy's name, rank, squad, and C.O."
Me: "Heh, they ticked off the wrong guy." ('Andrew' is a sergeant and this guy is obviously a lower rank.)
Walter: "Yeah, and I drove through there yesterday (Saturday) going at 10mph and my truck is stuttering going that slow 'cause it is a manual"
Me: (I nodded because I also have a manual transmission truck. 'Walter's' truck is a supped up Ford Ranger with a powerful engine and it is very hard to keep it at 10mph.)
Walter: "The guy runs out in front of me again. I slammed on the breaks and got out and said that this is BULL... SHIT! What the fuck is your problem?"
Me: "How did he take that?"
Walter: "The guy said slowdown you're going to hit the children. I said, BULL... SHIT... I'm going 10 fucking miles an hour, that is if you can fucking count, 5 fucking miles an hour slower than the speed limit. They guy backpedaled and stammered that it looked like he was going too fast and that he is an MP and that he could have me arrested. I said BULL... SHIT... you are about to be fucking kicked off base because you are interfering with a business, harassing our drivers, creating a hazard, doing property damage, and impersonating an officer. The guy said that he wasn't impersonating an officer. I said BULLSHIT, see that car right there, that belongs to one of my drivers and he told me about you claiming to be an MP when in fact, you are not. I then told him that you are outta here soon. The guy said, "What do you mean?" I then told him the the MPs have gotten enough complaints and reports against you that they are going up to the housing board and are going to get you kicked out of housing on post. The guy stammered, ran back to his wife on the porch, said something and then ran inside and came back out with a phone. I left.
Me: "Man! You told him! I drove past there today (Sunday) and they were sitting outside but did not even attempt to bother me.
Walter: "Huh, they should have been gone."
Me: "Give them time, things like housing board reviews don't happen on the weekend. They may be out by the end of this week or by the end of the month."

Bottom line: they are still there, but I expect them to be gone soon. Don't mess with the Pizza Drivers. We will mess with you whichever way is best. I of course, will try legal means first.
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